Lookfantastic Beauty Box: the Indulge Me Edition

This month has come to an end and I'm finally having time to write a post about October's Lookfantastic Beauty Box.This month's edition includes loads of brand that are entirely new to me - which is great.

Ciaté | Wonderwand Mascara | 2.8 ml | 12 ml - cca. 20€

This is described as an intensely volumising and lengthening mascara. I'm not sure for the lengthening part but there's no doubt about the volume. The wand separates the lashes really well, no matter how many coats you apply. The mascara really delivers volume. The formula is a bit dry in my opinion (or all my other mascaras are too wet) but nothing too dramatic. Overall I like the mascara very much. It looks very natural and flattering.

Skimono | Beauty Hand Mask for Intense Nourishment | Fullsize - 14 ml | 11.95€ 

I'm a huge fan of korean sheet masks but I've never used a hand mask. Skimono hand mask is made from naturally-derived bio-cellulose. The gloves are infused with Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid. This seems to be a perfect product for winter, when my hands will need a bit of extra nourishment. Of course I couldn't wait until winter to try this out. I tested these gloves immediately. I left them on for 30 minutes. As for the results: I noticed really soft skin and my nails looked slightly nicer. But that's about it. It's an interesting product and fun to play with. I would buy this again for the sake of the experience. In terms of results this hand mask is nothing special. A normal hand cream does the trick (soft & nourished skin) too.  

Bean Body | Coffee Bean & Coconut Body Scrub | 50 g | Price for 220 g - 17,95€

Coffee bean peelings seem to be really popular. 
I was pleasantly surprised about the scent of this scrub. Coffee and Coconut really go well together. It's a gentle and effective peeling, but it leaves my shower messy like no other peeling. I will defnitely use this on up, but I don't think I'll be buying another dark-coloured scrub anytime soon. :D

                          Monu Skin | Firming Fiji Facial Oil | 30 ml | Price for 100 ml - 35,45€

This is described as a blend of rosewood oil and patchouli which provide essential protection to soothe dry skin and stimulate your complexion. Everytime I use this product I notice slightly plumper and firmer skin. This is a very nice blend of oils with a calming non-intrusive scent. And the amount of 30 ml is very generous too - it will last for months. 

                        Lancer Skincare | The Method: Polish | 14 g | Price for 120 g - 70,45€

My absolute favourite in this box. At first I was kind of confused. The name itself "The Method: Polish" got me confused. I wasn't sure what kind of product this was supposed to be but I soon figured out this was an exfoliating facial treatment. It claims to improve skin tone and texture.

Pure minerals are combined with magnesium oxide and sodium bicarbonate crystals to exfoliate the skin's surface. "Fortified with pumpkin and pomegranate extracts, the anti-ageing polish works to break down dead skin cells, whilst brown sea algae replenishes moisture to reveal a smooth, supple complexion and healthy glow." And it really does all that. My skin's never been softer indeed. Although this is supposed to be an everyday exfoliating product I only use it once or twice a week which to me is enough, because I don't want to over-exfoliate my skin. 

   Modelco | Instant Radiance Concealer - Exclusive to this LF Beauty Box | Price (?)

An illuminating concealer always grabs my attention. I had high hopes for this one. The design is really lovely, I adore brush tip concealers although they're not particulary hygienic. But.... unfortunately the shade is too yellow and too dark for me. The formula itself is really creamy and a bit thicker. I only tried it once and it looked okay, I would say it offers a medium coverage but I won't be able to use this one now. Maybe I'll give it a go in summer when my skin will be 0,1% darker.
P.s. well apparently I was so disappointed (because of the shade) I didn't even bother to include the concealer on photos. I just now noticed this, ughh... :D


 *PR Sample

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