3 tips for beautiful skin with Lookfantastic x thisworks Beauty Box

I've always had good skin. Every now and then life blessed me with a pimple or two and those were the most devastating times of my life (I'm not even exaggerating). I took beautiful and healthy looking skin for granted. Ever since I got off contraceptive pill my skin hasn't been the same. I've had good and bad days. And some really bad days this month when stress, cool weather and everything else came together.

I wanted to share with you 3 tips for beautiful and healthy looking skin which are helping me restore my skin to its original state (i.e. flawless complexion :D). 
Skincare is important...

The older you get the more you realize this. In times of hyperproduction of choice it's very hard to find products that work and have good ingredients. What you see is almost never what you actually get. Learning to look at the ingredients list has become very important to me. 
I wasn't really into skincare until two or three years ago. I never used moisturizer or a serum and thought washing my face and getting rid of makeup with makeup removing wipes was enough. But my skin has become more demanding. Hydration plays a huge role in my skincare regimen now. Loss of hydration is one of the factors responsible for appearance of fine lines and wrinkles so it's always good to hydrate your skin properly. A good moisturiser and a SPF is a must for me.

This month Lookfantastic joined their forces with the skincare brand thisworks. I recieved a Lookfantastic x thisworks Beauty Box* and I've been testing the products throughout the entire month.

Two products particulary worth the mention are the thisworks in transit skin defence moisturiser with SPF 30 and no wrinkles midnight moisture. Both products have this typical aroma therapy scent (lavender, camommile etc.) but it's not too intrusive. The moisturiser is a blend of anti-oxidant rich botanical oils and Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid and broad spectrum sun filters. The formula is very lighweight, non-comedogenic and non whitening. This is a lovely moisturiser in my opinion. It works really well under makeup. The only thing that's not exactly flattering is the finish of it. It leaves your skin slightly shiny. 

The other cool product is the no wrinkles midnight moisture, a night cream with an almost balm-like texture that sinks into skin surprisingly quick. It contains a concentrated dose of Retinol, Persian Silk Tree Extract and Hyaluronic Acid. I noticed plumper and slightly more radiant skin in the morning. 

Another important step in skincare: removing your makeup. No matter how tired you are - always remove your makeup. In my opinion two-step cleansing works best. I first use a normal water-based cleanser (gel, micellar water) and then continue with an oil-based cleanser. This way I make sure to remove entire makeup and impurities. 

I really like light time cleanse glow cleanser with Vitamin C from thisworks. I think it's very effective in removing makeup and daily build-up of pollutants. I'd also like to mention the Eve Lom balm I recieved in Lookfantastic Birthday Edition Beauty Box. It's becoming my favourite makeup remover ever and I never thought that removing my makeup could become an experience I will look forward to every day. 

Get your goodnight's sleep... 

A good night's sleep is even more important than good skincare products. No cream will help your skin regenerate itself as much as a good night's sleep will - that's a fact. An 8 hour sleep should be optimal for skin repair and detoxification. I always make sure to get enough sleep which means going to sleep early or sleeping in on weekends. Sometimes I get to sleep more than 8 hours other times less but I always make sure to sleep at least 6 hours. 

Lookfantastic x thisworks Edition Box included a thisworks deep sleep pillow spray, a nightly aroma-mist to help you sleep in. The spray is a Superblend of Lavender, Camomile and Vetivert. A nice product that calms down your senses. I've never experienced problems with sleep or sleeping in so I can't vouch for the effect of increasing sleep quality but I find this mist very lovely. I spray it on my pillow every now and then and I can't really describe why I like it, I simply do. It's not a scent I would tipically love, but I find it somehow relaxing, idk. 

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration...

I'm 100% sure you heard of all three tips for beautiful skin already. It's nothing new. But I don't think we're quite aware of how important this last tip is. Hydration is everything (well nowadays "Everything is everything. Like literally." thanks to Kardashians and their wisdom). 

Every cell, tissue and organ needs water to work properly. You should drink at least 2 l of water every day. If it's difficult for you to remember that you must drink enough water, keep a bottle of water near you the entire day. That way you won't forget about hydration. Hydrating moisturisers are good, but hydration from within is even better. I always notice how well my skin looks if I drink enough water through the entire week.

What are your tips for beautiful skin?

*PR Sample


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  1. Odlična objava! Se popolnoma strinjam z napisanim. Tudi meni je najpomembnejše odstranjevanje samega make up-a in ni dneva, da ga nebi popolnoma odstranila. Imam pa sama tudi kar lepo kožo, zato me kak mozoljček ali pa kakšna alergija res spravita v depresijo, haha.

    Teh izdelkov še sicer nisem preizkusila, vendar se berejo odlično.


    1. Hvala! <3
      Ja, jaz sploh ne morem več zaspati, če ne odstranim celotnega makeupa. :D No, saj to je "problem", potem te vsak še tako majhen mozolj šokira in misliš, da ga bodo vsi opazili :D
      Produkti so super, zraven je bil še nek losjon za noge z bleščicami, kot neka bb krema in sem ga šele danes preizkusila, se mi zdi, da za 1 odtenek potemni polt in ni nič streaky - škoda, ker je zima :D