Lookfantastic Beauty Box - The Birthday Edition

  Discovering beauty boxes...

I've always prefered travel-sized makeup and skincare products, because I like trying out new things and almost never stick to a single product for a longer period of time. I still remember how excited I was when I discovered beauty boxes. My first ever Beauty Box was Douglas Box of Beauty and I still enjoy the box and its content.
Beauty Boxes to me are especially appealing because they offer luxury sizes of more expensive and high end products sometimes. I can test these out before I actually commit to buying fullsize. On the long run I save loads of money that way, because some products just don't preform as well as they claim, so trying things thoroughly out before buying them is great. I won't generalize and say all beauty boxes are great and offer a good quality-price ratio, but the ones I buy, definitely are (I'm referring to the only ones I like currently - Douglas Box of Beauty and Lookfantastic Beauty Box).  

Lookfantastic Beauty Box - the Birthday Edition...

Lookfantastic is celebrating it's 3rd year of LF Beauty Box and the products included in this Birthday Edition Box are all products I've never had the chance to try out before. So far I'm liking all of them. This is definitely the best Beauty Box I recieved from Lookfantastic.

What's in #LFBeautyBox...

I was very excited about Eve Lom's Cleanser and muslin cloth. I always wanted to try a cleansing balm, simply beacause of their recent popularity. But they're quite expensive so I wasn't sure if I'm willing to give so much money for a makeup remover. I've tried it a few times now and the balm removes all makeup and impurities really well. Skin's left soft and smooth. The herbal scent isn't exactly my favourite scent in the world but it's not unpleasant either.

Next exciting product is Christophe Robin's Cleansing Volumizing Paste with pure rassoul clay and rose extracts. This should give your hair density while protecting and preserving your hair colour. It smells very minty and refreshing. I've only used it one time, so I'm not sure about it yet. But I think I can say that my hair looked a tiny bit fuller than normal on the first day. 

This month's box also includes two fullsize products, one of them is Hikari Shadow Quad in the shade Tonya. There are two neutral matte shades and two darker shimmering shades. The shimmering shades are quite pigmented, I was really surprised by it. I'll definitely be using this quad for bronzy day looks.
Another fullsize product is Lookfantastic Unicorn Eyeshadow brush. This is a limited edition brush made for the Birthday Edition Box only. Synthetic bristles are very soft and the handle looks lovely. This brush will probably work fine with concealer or base shadow. :) 

I'm not particulary fond of the brand Decleor. In my opinion their products contain too much perfume. I'm sorry I'm always nagging about perfume in makeup and skincare but I can't really get past that. :D Lookfantastic included Decleor Hydra Floral Anti-Pollution Hydrating Gel-cream. As the name suggests this is a cream that acts like a gel. It has really thin and easily-spreadable texture that sinks into skin immediately. I quite like it. But surprise, surprise, I don't like the scent.

The last product included (apart from the supercute & tasty Lolly with Elderflower Flavour) was Illamasqua Mini Contouring Gel Sculpt in Silhouette. First: don't let the shade scare you off. It's dark, almost black. But once you transfer it onto skin it becomes very light. The gel texture is really something special and new to use for contour. It blends really well and you can layer it up. It's very practical if you ask me and I'm glad I got it in a small size to try out.

Would I recommend this box...

Plain and simple: I would. You get loads of products to try out (some of them are fullsize) for around 20€. And the box itself is pretty too :) I always use them for decoration and storage. 
By the way - how cute is this Lollypop that was included in this month's box? 

Have a great week! 

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