Current Beauty Favourites (August)

It's been a while since I talked about my favourite beauty products. This post includes some of the makeup products that I've been loving (and using) throughout the entire summer. And I'm quite aware it's still August but I definitely won't be buying anything in upcoming weeks. :D

Because I read a lot of good reviews and needed a new foundation (since the one from The Ordinary aren't really my cup of tea) I bought Maybelline's Fit me Matte + Poreless Foundation in the shade 102 Fair Ivory. I paid around 8€ and got Fit me Concealer in 15 for free. I wouldn't have bought the foundation if the concealer wasn't included tbh, I would've waited for a discount.
Although foundation doesn't give you the promised matte finish I think it looks really good on skin. It offers light to buildable coverage and stays on for quite a while. It doesn't look strange around nose or eye area and the shade is just about right for me (maybe a bit rosier than I'd wish for, but I won't complain). 

Maybelline Fit me Concealer is a really great concealer too. I'm totally impressed by it. It doesn't emphasize fine lines around the eye area, stays in place and has a really good coverage. It's super easy to blend too. I think this is my favourite concealer ever.

I finally found a perfect eyeliner with brush tip. I've read NYX Epic Ink Liner (Waterproof) should be very similar to KVD's Tattoo Liner. I never owned the latter but I can say this is the best eyeliner I've ever tried/owned. It's super precise, packed with tons of pigment and extremely longlasting once it dries. I can make a perfect feline flick with this eyeliner and I'm sort of clumsy when it comes to drawing that perfect sharp line. NYX Epic Ink Liner costs around 10€ and it's totally worth the money in my opinion.

Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer (shade Light Bronzer) came to me straight from NYC thanks to my best friend. Everyone with very light skin was raving about this bronzer so this one was the only logic choice. It's not matte but has a slight sheen to it and the shade is simply perfect - not orangy at all. The only downside of this bronzer is its offputting scent. It smells like coconuts and beach - summer in a jar. Yeah, right. Not to me. It's too intense for me, luckily the scent doesn't linger once you apply the powder on your face. The packaging's really lovely, but mine broke after a week (click-button cracked).

NYX Cosmic Metals Eyeshadow Palette is probably the only palette I have been using for the past two months. It has the perfect size and offers a great selection of shades for day and night. I always wanted a nice burgundy eyeshadow and the one in this palette looks very flattering. All shades are extremely pigmented and blend with ease. In my opinion NYX plaettes are a "hit or miss" product and this one's definitely a hit.

Last but not least, my most used lip product in summer. It's Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in the shade Echo Park - a perfect warm peachy nude. It has a satin-matte finish and feels very comfortable on lips. Staying power isn't that great but I find Colourpop's USL fade pretty evenly and they're really easy to reapply so I don't really mind reapplying them.

NYX Cosmic Metals Eyeshadow Palette swatches
Swatches: NYX Cosmic Metals Eyeshadow Palette, Maybelline Fit me Matte + Poreless in 102, Maybelline Fit me Concealer in 15, Colourpop USL in Echo Park, NYX Epic Ink Liner, Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer in Light Bronzer

4 komentarji

  1. Oh my god, the NYX Palette is gorgeous! I really need to check it out!
    love, Nina :)

    1. Yeaah, I definitely didn't expect it to be that good and so pigmented. And the shades are great, all 6 of them and actually useful. :D

  2. Butter Bronzer je tudi moj stalni favorit. Jaz imam sicer odtenek Bronzer. Formula ej res fantastična. Mislim, da je ta NYX liner iz tiste linije živih odtenkov. Jaz bi vse tiste imela. Sem enkrat swatchala v Avstriji in wow :D.

    Paleta izgleda čudovito. Čisto moji odtenki. Sploh ta drug bronzy je čudovit <3

    1. Ja, za Butter bronzer mi definitivno ni žal da ga imam. Čeprav bi lahko vzela temnejši odtenek, sploh zdaj poleti potrebujem nekaj nanosov več, da se dejansko pozna :D Ampak nič hudega, ga je itak ogromno.
      Ta NYX paleta je pa presenetljivo odlična in sploh ne pretiravam. Res me je presenetila. Odtenki so kot nalašč zame, sem vedno želela eno tako paleto. :) Pa lepo se zabrisujejo. Res top. Ker s prejšnjimi NYX paletami nisem bila zadovoljna. No, sem imela samo 2, ampak vseeno :D

      Za eyeliner sem pa sedaj pogledala, tiste, ki ti misliš so mislim, da Vivid Brights - tiste imajo v različnih barvah ali pa Coloured Felt Tip. Tale Epic Ink je samo v črni in je res dober. Jaz nisem noben profi v risanju (sploh ne vem kako se reče po slovensko) "črt" (:D) pa mi s tem eyelinerjem to vseeno uspe kar spodobno :D