NYX EPIC INK LIP DYE: Swatches and review (+ GIVEAWAY)

As you probably noticed on my social media accounts I recieved a huge package from NYX Austria filled with some of their newly launched products. Today I'll be reviewing the NYX Epic Ink Lip Dye  - a hybrid between a normal liquid lipstick and lip stain. The range includes 12 shades. Some of the shades are super wearable (for me), others are not exactly the kind of colour I would normally wear, but there's definitely at least one shade that would appeal to anyone.


is a very unique one. Extremely lighweight and it dries to a matte finish. Since the Lip Dyes are on the more liquidy side you must be very careful with application, because it can quick look patchy and uneven. For fully opaque colour payoff 2 coats are needed. I can't emphasize enough how lightweight this Lip Dyes are. They literally feel like nothing on lips. They're not 100% kissproof. After a few hours once the coulour starts to wear off, you're left with a beautiful stain for the rest of the day. But I must warn you there: it's very hard to remove the stain. NYX did not joke around, when they named this product "Lip Dye". It truly dyes your lips. The only thing that removes this liquid lipstick is an oil-based makeup remover. 
You can wear lip dyes alone or give your favourite lippie a boost by wearing it under a similar shade, as suggested by NYX.

Shade selection...

The range includes 12 shades, varying from bold reds and corals to muted purples and brown tones. As you can see from the photos below, there are three shades missing, because I already gave them away to a good friend of mine. The shades missing are: 01 Poised, 03 Heartbreaker and 011 Revolt. All were really bright red and coral shades. You can find the swatches from these three missing shades here

01 Poised: a true red
02 Obsessed: deep purple
03 Heartbreaker: deep hot pink
04 Charmer: deep strawberry red
05 Slay: deep nude with red undertone
06 Victorian: deep violet
07 Night Runner: blackened plum
08 Wizardry: dirty brown with blue undertone
09 Fresh: dirty brown-red
10 Invasion: deep brown
11 Revolt: orange
12 Blazed: soft cherry red

My thoughts...

I think Epic Ink Lip Dye liquid lipsticks are definitely something I'd recommend you to try out, so you can see how strangely lightweight the formula of these is. Are they my favourite thing ever? No, because the application isn't as effortless as with Nyx's Soft Matte Lipcreams for instance. And they're not the most longlasting lip product out there, but I really like some of the shades. I think Slay, Fresh and Blazed look really nice. 

Price and availability...

NYX Epic Ink Lip Dyes cost around 9€. If you're living in Austria you can order NYX online from Douglas. Otherwise I recommend you ordering NYX Cosmetics from websites such as Cult Beauty, FeelUnique or Asos which all ship worldwide.


I'm giving away one NYX Epic Ink Lip Dye in colour of your own choosing. To participate simply fill out the Rafflecopter form. Open internationally, ends July 10, 2017 at 12 AM (GMT+1:00).  Good luck! :)
Have a great week!

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3 komentarji

  1. Sploh nisem vedela, da ima NYX te hibride. Slišijo se zanimivo sploh za poletje, ko res ne maram težkih šmink. Glede na to, da imam sama rada samo stain šminke in jo večkrat kar nanesem s prsti, znajo biti ti izdelki zanimivi. Sem pa presenečena, da je toliko temnih odtenkov. Sem mislila, da bodo dali v izbor več živahnih z poletje. Všeč so mi Charmer, Slay in Blaze. Čeprav mi je tudi Revolt čudovita :).

    1. Ja, na evropskem trgu so jih ravno pred kratkim začeli prodajati. Ja, pri odtenkih prevladujejo temni, ravno tiste tri najbolj žive barve sem že podarila :D Meni je tudi Blazed všeč. Tudi jaz včasih navadne šminke kar s prstom nanašal, sploh poleti, ko se mi ne da ukvarjat s tem in vedno čekirat če še izgleda v redu :D

  2. Waaaw, kakšen čudovit izbor odtenkov. Izgledajo res mikavno, še posebej temnejši odtenki, ki jih itak najbolj obožujem in rada nosim, tudi v poletju.