Vichy Idéalia Night Peeling Care - Glycolic Acid for Sensitive skin

Recently Vichy renewed their Idéalia line and also launched a novelty - Idéalia Peeling Care with 4% Glycolic Acid and 5% Hepes. Vichy describe the Idéalia Peeling as a unique water-light formula with the power of a serum to refine pores, improve the skin texture and smooth fine lines in just four weeks.

When it comes to skin exfoliation AHAs are my favourite so I was really looking forward to try Vichy's Idéalia Peeling night care* which beside Glycolic Acid also contains Hepes (exfoliating agent), Kombucha Tea Extract (helps restore skin's quality), Blueberry Polyphenols (rich in antioxidant) and Vichy Mineralising Thermal Water (soothes and calms skin). This peeling treatment from Vichy has been designed to target exhausted skin and restore the skin's radiance. It also promises to refine pores and improve the skin's texture (smooth fine lines and wrinkles). Since this exfoliator has been formulated and adapted for sensitive skin it's very gentle. Which of course doesn't mean it's less effective. 

Application is very simple. You apply the liquid essence onto cleansed skin using a cotton pad (as for any other tonic, micellar water etc.), then simply follow on with your regular skin care routine.
I've been using Idéalia Peeling care for a few weeks now and have succesfully incorporated it in my skincare regime. I use it every other day (because this works best for me) in the evening, then I follow up with night cream or mask. It's recommended that you use a sunscreen with SPF 15+ in the morning (currently my favourite is Missha's Safe Block Essence Sun Spf 45).  

I would say my skin looks smoother and more supple since I've been using Idéalia Peeling. I will be able to say more about the effects/results after another month or two. Amongst other products with Glycolic Acid that I've tried have also been Pixi's Glow Tonic and Alpha-H Liquid Gold but I think I like Vichy Idéalia Peeling care the most.
By the way I also got a few samples from Vichy Idéalia  Smoothness & Glow Energizing Day cream in the Pharmacy and I liked it. If you're curious about Vichy's  Idéalia line I suggest you visit your local Pharmacy and ask for samples. :)

I'm also planning a post about my current evening skincare routine in the future because I found some great products that really make a difference.

*PR Sample sent to me by Vichy Slovenija

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