NYX Lip Lingerie in Ruffle Trim + MAC Whirl Comparison

NYX Lip Lingerie in Ruffle Trim 

So here's a short summary: "I should've waited with buying Mac Whirl." 

NYX Lip Lingerie in the shade Ruffle Trim
NYX launched Lip Lingerie matte liquid lipstick a while ago. I had my eyes on these for quite a while and I was super thrilled when they were finally available in Austria. Of course all the shades were immediately sold out, so the waiting game continued. Eventually I got my hands on the shade Ruffle Trim and I'm surprisingly happy about it. 

Colour, formula, application

To me this is a perfect everyday shade. Not too brown, not too nude. It looks slightly rosier on the lips as on the swatches below. If I add a bit of concealer or foundation on my lips then the shade completely matches the swatches below. The formula is unscented and very moussy. It dries in a completely matte finish within seconds. Application is very smooth and not patchy at all. This is a fully opaque and kissproof liquid lipstick that will stay on your lips forever. Or until you decide to take it off (preferably with oil). The one negative and off-putting facet of this liquid lipstick is that it's very drying and will perhaps feel uncomfortable on your lips. To avoid this, take care of your lips (scrub!) and put some extra-nourishing lipbalm on top of your lips before applying Lip Lingerie.


Price varies. I bought mine in Parfümerie Douglas for aproxx. 7€ with a discount (full price is around 9€).

Worth it? 
Considering the quality-price ratio, I'd say these matte liquid lipsticks are worth it. I will definitely buy more shades when they will be back in stock. I'm eyeing Satin Ribbon, Teddy and Embellishment.


NYX Ruffle Trim vs. MAC Whirl

I bought the Mac Matte Lipstick in the shade Whirl (which is oh, so popular) in August because I wanted this kind of "brown-nude-red" shade. 
In general: I like Mac lipsticks. I like their shade spectrum, I like their formulas and absolutely love their clean, yet expensive-looking packaging. I bought my first Mac lipstick in my freshman year when we were visiting Rome. I don't remember the name of the shade anymore, but it was a golden-nude shade. A horrible shade. I don't even know what was I thinking. Or what the saleswoman was thinking for that matter.

Shade-wise NYX Ruffle Trim and Mac Whirl look similar. Ruffle Trim has a slightly warmer undertone.
If I had to decide between Mac Whirl and Nyx Ruffle Trim now, I'd choose the latter. Although Mac's formula is defnitely more wearable on the lips (in terms of comfort and moisture), I prefer the NYX one because it's so longlasting. Mac Whirl wears off in a few hours and transfers easily. After a while you're left with a beautiful stain. Nontheless, Whirl is a beautiful shade I'll give you that. I'm just not a fan of Mac's Matte Lipsticks. Other Mac lipstick finishes are a completely different story :D

Top: NYX Ruffle Trim, Bottom: Mac Whirl

What are your thoughts on NYX's Lip Lingerie liquid lipsticks? 
Have you or do you intend to try them out?

Have a lovely day!

9 komentarjev

  1. Vedno sem v iskanju dobrih longlasting produktov za usnice tako, da mi je ta objavica prišla čisto prav! Super post :D

    1. No, super :) Ta NYX šminkica je definitivno zelo obstojna. In hvala <3

  2. oba sta zelo lepa odtenka. NYX ima edino malce preveč suh finiš, se mi hitro izsušijo ustnice. :)

    1. :) Ja, je zelo izsušujoča. Jaz dam na ustnice pred nanosom tekoče šminke vedno en ekstra gost balzam, potem pa gre.

  3. Jaz imam Satin Ribbon in Embellishment. :) Ampak ja, mi precej izsuši ustnice ta formula. Ampak odtenki so pa lepi, čeprav ta Enbellishment potegne na meni na sivkasto, malce modro. :D

    1. Imam oba odtenka nagledana, hehe :) Res izsuši, ampak jaz vzamem v zakup, ker je res dolgoobstojna, pa še odtenek mi je tako všeč :)

    2. Imam pa še NYX-ovo Full Throttle matte šminko. Tista je pa res grozno suha in totalno nenosljiva. No, mogoče je nosljiva kakšno uro ali dve, potem bi se pa rajše ubil :D

  4. Teh ne bom kupila, ker vem, da bi bile preveč suhe za moje ustnice. So mi pa odtenki všeč, še posebej ta Ruffle Trim. Všeč mi je ta topel podton :). Jaz bom kar ostala pri Soft Matte Lip Creamih :D.