Essence Glitter in the Air Strobing Collection

I wanted to write a post about Essence Glitter in the Air TE products before I went to Malta but I completely forgot about it. Obviously.

It doesn't happen that often that a limited collection from Essence - or Catrice for that matter - speaks to me. Okay, let's be honest, I almost never buy anything from their LE & TE collections. I usually stop at their drugstore counter, check out the products and move on. But  I thought I'd give this particular collection a go (they got me at "strobing"). I wouldn't say these two products totally impressed me but I'd say you can't really go wrong with them considerig the low price.

I picked up Essence Glitter in the Air Strobing blush and highlighter powder (3,59€) in shade 01 When in doubt add glitter. The packaging itself looks very decent and you get 9 g of product. Shadewise this is a very soft pale pink shade with golden shimmer. I use it as a blush on my cheeks, but it works really well as eyeshadow too.

I also got Essence Glitter in the Air Strobing brush (3,59€) which is one of the softest brushes I own. Maybe almost a bit too soft though. It's perfect for applying powder products as blush and bronzer but it doesn't work well with creamy products. It's also not precise enough to use it for contour because the brush is too big and fluffy. This is why I wouldn't recomment it for highlighting either.

You can catch Essence Glitter in the Air Trend Edition Collection at Essence Counters in December and January.

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  1. I like this limed Edition so much.

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    Fio from FiosWelt