Currently hating

Beauty bloggers finding a new product that supposedly saves all their problems, every single week...

"You won't believe what happened. This XY cream I "casually" found, saved all my skin problems  in just a couple of days. You must try this out, it's amazing (click here to buy it)".
And then after a week, this happens: "You won't believe what happened. This XY' cream I "casually" found, saved all my problems with skin /.../". Are you kidding me? I thought you had no skin problems left, since your first cream did the wonder. I mean, some readers sure are dumb, but nobody's that dumb. 

Pidgey, Pidgey everywhere...

So I'm really into Pokemon Go nowadays. I know, a shocker. Pidgey is literally everywhere. Every once in a while even in my room. I think he's really cute and all, but I'd be more than happy to catch other Pokemons as easy as Pidgey.Also, I don't mean to brag but I caught Dragonite!

Clickbate titles...

"You won't believe what these people did to Taylor Swift", "Dermatologists hate her - she is 51, looks like 21", "The reason this dog is sitting in the court room? You won't believe it"... And so on. You get the feeling. Hate is a strong word, but I really, really don't like clickbates. 

People being "all sunshine and rainbows" every single day... 

This one person who's always in a good mood, always happy, always smiling, and every goddamn sentence that comes out of his/her mouth sounds like a Youtube Compilation of Motivation Speeches. I hate those people. Well maybe I just hate them, cuz I ain't them, right? No. Wrong. I just can't understand how you can be happy all the time. Is that even real happiness?
Also: people who write "No negativity zone" in their profile bio. Kill me now.

4 komentarji

  1. Oo, zanimiva objava! Se popolnoma strinjam s tabo glede teh butastih naslovov oglasov in seveda o prvi temi, ki mi je kar malo smešno. xx

  2. Kajne. Vsak teden gledam objave določenih blogerk in vsak teden najdejo nov čudežni produkt. Kakšna urica strategij prikritega oglaševanja jim definitivno ne bi škodila. Potem stvar vsaj ne bo tako očitna :D

  3. Hehe dobra objava, sploh ob prvem sem se kar malo nasmejala ;)

    1. Oh, hvala :D Ja, včasih paše mal strest iz rokava vse frustracije, haha.

      Ja, ob prvem mi gredo pa kar dlake pokonci, ko kje preberem podobne zapise.