Douglas Box of Beauty - June

Today I'll be showing you the content of Douglas Box of Beauty - June Edition.

Alessandro | Heel Rescue Balm | 100 ml | 14,95€

This was June's main/fullsize product. As the name suggests, this is balm nourishes and smooths heels. To me it has a bit of a minty scent. I gave this product to my mum and she finds it quite okay. 

Juicy Couture | I am Juicy Couture | 5 ml | 30 ml - 49,95€ 

Juicy Couture's known for their sweet perfumes. This one is a combination of Fruits, Gardenia and Cashmere Woods. It has a sweet and at the same time fresh scent. I'm not really one for these type of scents so I guess I won't be using it that often. 

Elizabeth Arden | Superstart | Skin Renewal Booster | 5 ml | 30 ml - 61,95€ 

Now this really got my attention. This product is an innovation that "helps restore the healthy look of skin's surface layer, fortifying its natural ability to repair and renew", they say at Elizabeth Arden. This should be used before a serum or moisturizer to boost the results/power of those skincare products. I can't say much about the results yet, but this is definitely a promising product. 

Laura Mercier | Foundation Primer | 14,7 ml | 50 ml - 38,95€ 

This primer contains Vitamin A, C and E which have antioxidant properties and protect from environmental influences that harm your skin. I haven't tried this one out yet, because I already have one primer open and I need to use it up. But I'm really looking forward to try Laura Mercier's.

Shiseido | Ibuki Protective Moisture SPF 15 | 15 ml |
75 ml - 52,95€ 

Ibuki Protective Moisture is day-cream with soft reflecting powder that should intensively correct the appearance of unevenness, such as enlarged pores, blemish marks etc. The cream has SPF 15 and protects skin from damaging factors such as UV rays and pollution. So far I like it. To me this is a solid, regular day-cream and I really appreciate the SPF 15. 

Have a lovely weekend!

2 komentarja

  1. jaz sem vesela, da sem pa le končno enkrat prišla do škatlice. Priznam, nič v vsebini še nisem preizkusila, se pa najbolj veselim LM. primerja. Je pa tale škatlica za svojo ceno meni super, ker vseeno dobiš priložnost stestirati malce boljšo dekorativo, kozmetiko in mini size je meni še bolj pri srcu kot full size, ker vem, da mogoče to količino nekoč pa le bom porabila. Prelepe slikice:)**

    1. Jaz sem včeraj preizkusila primer in mi je všeč. Konsistenca je zelo gelasto-vodena :D Ja tudi meni je škatlica super. Sploh takrat ko glavni fullsize produkt krepko presega ceno same škatle, haha :D