Chocolate on the go

Brace yourself. Exams are coming and my daily intake levels of chocolate are rising. So what better way of beating the everyday (college) stress than with chocolate, right?
Mojač was very kind and sent me two Rawr Organic Chocolates of my own choosing. I chose Organic Chocolate with Goji Berries & Vanilla and Organic Lucuma Cacao Bar. The one thing that's absolutely worth mentioning is that Rawr Chocolates are produced raw, organic, dairy-free and also contain fairtrade ingredients.

The Taste

Whenever I eat chocolate I buy Milka or Lindt, because I think they both make some of the greatest chocolates on earth. 
I always had some sort of prejudice to "healthy chocolate options".  Signifiers like "raw", "gluten-free", "organic" didn't get my attention. I was and still am sort of immune to them.
So when I got the chance to try RAWR Chocolates I was kind of sceptical of how the chocolate might actually taste. Long story short: To my surprise Rawr Chocolate with Goji Berries and Vanilla was quite good! The chocolate contains 72% cocoa solids. It has a sort of bittery-sweet taste and the mixture of Goji Berries and Vanilla really gives the chocolate a special twist. 

The taste of Organic Lucuma Cacao Bar to me was bareable (don't get me wrong, I'd eat it if I had no other candy and this would be my only option. Then I'd probably find it amazingly delicious). It contains 51% cocoa solids and really melts in your mouth. I don't think  I like the taste of this Peruvian fruit, Lucuma (very menthol-like to me). I think many will find the taste of this chocolate bar very interesting, just not me.

 Rawr Chocolate Bars cost 2,99€ (for 60g). You can find them on Rawr Chocolates Official Website (here) and on Mojač (here). 


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  1. Delaš izjemne slike, se splača poskusiti čokolado.