5 TV Series that are BIG right now

"I need to stop," I whispered to myself, as I clicked 'next episode'. 

    American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson

Who of us hasn't heard about the famous criminal case of O.J. Simpson (well if you don't really know who O.J. is, I'm pretty sure you at least heard of his lawyer [family] – Robert Kardashian).  The series  depicts the trial against  O.J. "The Juice" Simpson (starring Cuba Gooding Jr.),  a  famous american football player, who was tried on two counts of murder ( wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman) in 1994. The case has been  described as the most publicized criminal trial in American history.
Also: American Crime Story is a spin-off  from the American Horror Story. Each season of American Crime Story will focus on a different crime.  Click here for trailer.  

"Absolutely, 100% not guilty."

Better call Saul

The main character Jimmy McGill is not your tipical lawyer. He's very resourceful and will sometimes find solutions that nobody would even think of or dare to think of.  He always means good, although he hasn't always got in mind the consequences of his actions.  
This series is a prequel to Breaking Bad and shows the life of lawyer Jimmy McGill before he became known as Saul Goodman, Walter White's attorney in Breaking Bad. The series itself is a mix of comedy and drama. I'm always torn between laughing and just feeling sorry and being sad. Click here for trailer. 

House of Cards
This is binge-watching worthy I'm telling you (well tbh what from Netflix isn't, right?). House of Cards is a political drama showing the story of Frank Underwood (starring Kevin Spacey), a democrat from South Carolina and House Majority Whip who has great ambitions, including the one towards being the President of the U.S.. The series presents Frank Underwood as a ruthless, manipulative and pragmatic person who is willing to do whatever it takes. If you ever wondered what a true Machiavellian "Principe" looks like - Frank Underwood is the answer. I don't know if it's just me, but I also adore this series so much because of Frank Underwood's occasional direct interaction with the viewer.   Click here for trailer. 


Wealth, recognition, success, health and family - nobody has it all. Oh, except Bobby Axelrod, a wealthy hedge fund king who became super rich by relying on insider trading. But things are about to get tense, since U.S. attorney Chuck Rhoades wants to go after Axe Capitals, because he suspects that Axelrod's accumulation of wealth might be a result of criminal activities. To spicen things up: Chuck Rhoades wife is a psychologist (who also likes to partake in BDSM practices with her husband) working for Axe Capitals and is in a really good relationship with Axelrod. So things are pretty much predetermined to get ugly.  Click here for trailer. 

Making a Murderer

This is big in the U.S. right now. It's a documentary series based on a true story of Steven Avery who was wrongfully convicted of rape and served his sentence, until 18 years later the DNA-tests cleared him and he got released out of prison. After two years of freedom, he was then again convicted of a murder and got life without parole. A heartbreaking series that shows a cruel and corrupt site of american law system. It will leave you speechless.  
This documentary had a major outreach not only in the States but also worldwide. People are now petitioning for Avery's release and as the events and evidences unfold, maybe Steven  will get a chance of a new fair trial. Click here for trailer.

Honorable mentions: Game of Thrones, Fargo, Narcos, Power, Downton Abbey, Mr. Robot, Mad Men, Orange is the new Black, Masters of Sex, Penny Dreadful, The walking dead, Black Sails, Vikings, Turn.

P.s.: T
hese are all series I rated with 8 or more on IMDB, so I guarantee they're pretty much awesome and your time won't be wasted.

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  1. Jaz tudi obsedeno gledam House of cards <3 Pred kratkim sem začela in sem že sredi tretje sezone :D

    1. Jaa, jaz sem ravno nekaj dni nazaj zaključila z gledanjem zadnje (nove) sezone :) gotta love Netflix, lahko vse epizode kar "v šusu" pogledaš :D

  2. Better Call Saul gledam ... ostalih (še) ne, ker jih gledam res veliko. :)

    1. Better call Saul je res fajn! :) Tudi jaz gledam ogromno serij. Zdajle odštevam dneve do nove sezone Game of Thrones :D