Last month's Douglas Box of Beauty

Today I'm going to share with you the content of Douglas Box of Beauty (October). As soon as Douglas anounced the main product of October's box, I couldn't wait to order it since I'm a huge Origins fan. So without further ado - this is the content of October's Douglas Box of Beauty:

Origins | GinZing Energy boosting moisturizer | 30 ml | 15,95€

So this is supposed to be a moisturizer for all types of skin. The Origins GinZing moisturizer promises to give your skin more radiance and hydration. This cream doesn't contain any alcohol. You can also see on the picture that products from Origins are formulated without Parabens, Mineral Oil, Paraffin, Animal Ingredients and so on. So thumbs up for Origins! The moisturizer does contain non-natural ingredients like glycol and silicons. It also contains lots of natural ingredients like jojoba butter, chestnut, shea butter and so on. There's also caffeine and Ginzing. This cream also consists of salicylic acid, an ingredient that should help to reduce blackheads. It seems like the only thing missing in this cream is SPF.
Texturewise the cream is very light and gel-like. The cream sinks in your skin very fast and it doesn't let your skin look greasy. The scent of the cream is really refreshing. To me it smells like citrus fruits. I would say all in all this is a great moisturizer, but I think it probably wouldn't nourish your skin enough in the cold winter days - well it depends of your skin type. A nice and decent, lovely smelling, quick absorbing moisturizer, ladies and gents! 

Narciso Rodriguez | For Her - EdT| 10 ml | Price for 30 ml - 55,95€

 This perfume has a floral oriental compositions with chypre accords if this tells something to you. Narciso Rodriguez For Her EdT includes honey flower, solar musk, orange blossom, osmanthus, amberlyn, vanilla, tactile musk, tactile woods, vetiver. Frankly I pretty much love this scent. My mom owned it a while ago and I found it very compelling. Strong but oh, so glamorous. It reminds me on Cartier's Baiser Vole EdP.
I'm really glad Douglas was so generous and included this Narciso Rodriguez 10 ml Purse Spray in its Box of Beauty. I mean this isn't exactly your ordinary luxury sample or is it? In my opinion 10 ml of product is quite a lot! And thank god it's a purse spray, so one can spray it without any problems. I was really tired of these tiny perfume bottles without "the spraying mechanism" (sorry for me not knowing the right term for this. You get me right?). I mean they're cute as hell but that's it. Still haven't found they right way of getting the perfume out of those tiny bottles (shaking till perfume comes out sure is a way but not a glamorous one, right?).

Douglas | Home Spa | Hand Cream | 75 ml (fullsize) | 4,95€ 

 So this was another fullsize product. Actually I'm not a fan of hand creams. They're sticky, don't absorb, don't make a difference, blah -blah. But this one is really good. It smells like heaven. A really calming "Asia scent". This cream is free from parabens. As the name suggests it contains Goji Berry and Bamboo Milk. The cream absorbs really quick which is a huge plus. I didn't really have any expectations toward this cream. I was quite sceptical. My skin's really dry at this moment and after using this cream a couple of days I noticed my hands are softer and don't have those lines of dehydration anymore. I would've let the cream untouched and probably give it to my mom, but I really wanted to smell it so I opened it. I'm really glad I did though.  I'll definitely check out some other stuff from Douglas Home Spa range, especially shower gels!

Shiseido | Full Lash - Volume Mascara | 2 ml | Price for 8 ml - 29,95€

This mascara didn't really impress me to be honest. I mean it isn't all that bad (well considering the price it is), but it just didn't strike me as a great mascara. I've had plenty that were better and also plenty that were worse. Shiseido is a great brand, I must give you that. From their mascara range I've only had Shiseido Perfect Mascara Full Definition mascara and it was really really good. But this one I got just isn't for me. God now it sounds like I'm apologizing. I'm not, really!
To me a mascara must give you good volume, length, definition, the formula must be buildable and it can't clump. In terms of volume this mascara doesn't deliver. I feel like I'm having fewer eyelashes if I put on this mascara. The formula isn't very buildable - you get the same result with one or four coats. The mascara doesn't clump I'll give you that, the formula is quite solid - not to dry, not too wet. I don't know... to me this is an average mascara for those who want their lashes to look natural. It doesn't really do much, except for colouring them in deep black. Ugh... maybe some of you have different experiences with this mascara? 

(FYI, the only high-street mascara worth the splurge in my opinion is Clarins - Be long mascara. Be long truly delivers in all categories and more. It also has an amazing staying power and makes your lashes go Up, Up, Up (an off-topic reference to the song Euphoria that came to my mind). I was very disappointed in Lancome Hypnose Waterproof mascara but that's just me. I mean really: just me. And my mom. All others are raving about it. I found it almost too dry and so not worth those 36€.) 

Rituals | Yogi Flow | Foaming Shower Gel Sensation |  50 ml | Price 
for 200 ml - 8€

This smells like heaven! I know I'm repeating myself but IT REALLY DOES. I've never before had a foaming shower gel so I wasn't sure what to expect but this is so much fun. A tiny drop turns into this big foam - it just like shaving gel. I really enjoy washing my body with this shower gel. It's like a dream - lol, now i'm just being mad. So the fun part aside: this shower gel is quite nourishing. Combines the ancient Ayurvedic ingredients of Sweet Almond Oil and Indian Rose. It's also worth mentioning that Rituals collection use all-natural, renewable ingredients. I'll definitely buy another foaming shower gel from Rituals.  

If I paraphrase RJW: Alright guys, that's my time. Thanks for reading. I'm already planning my next post because I found a perfect low-budget dupe for a very expensive and popular perfume.

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