Last month's Douglas Box of Beauty

Today I'm going to share with you the content of Douglas Box of Beauty (October). As soon as Douglas anounced the main product of October's box, I couldn't wait to order it since I'm a huge Origins fan. So without further ado - this is the content of October's Douglas Box of Beauty:

Best Autumn/Winter Perfumes

I don't own tons of perfumes as many other women do. I'd say I prefer quality over quantity, although - to me this phrase is kind of worn out. Let's just say I'm a student, and when i decide to give a "shitload" of money for a perfume, it better be good, magnificent even. I also think that with years you get this ability to really appreciate a good composition and - yeah i know i repeat myself - quality. So here are my TOP 3 perfumes I truly adore. I'm quite sure i'd give a kidney or some other organ in return for one of those!