Douglas Box of Beauty April

I know I'm kind of late to the party but I really like to test the products I get thouroghly before I give any feedback. Here's the content of Aprils Edition of Douglas Box of Beauty:

This time there were 2 original/full- sized products: Eos lip balm and Invisibobble hair rings. As usual there were four luxus/travel sized samples. I was really excited about Eos lip balm, because I never tried it before. These oh, so hyped products usually dissapoint me therefore I haven't had any expectations towards this product but I was positively surprised at the end. I also haven't tried Invisibobbles before, I only had those "inpired" ones that you can buy at any drugstore. Never had the real deal.

| Eos - Lip balm | Sweet Mint | 7g | 5,95€ |

This lip balm is rich with antioxidants, vitamin E, Sheabutter and Jojobaoil. It tastes and smells very minty and has a cooling effect. That's probably why I fell in love with it in the first place. I also noticed this lip balm doesn't dry my lips, although i've read quite a few reviews about Eos lip balms causing dry lips. The concept of Eos lip balms is quite lovely. I love the "egg" form. Besides it's really easy to use. I Must say that I was really impressed by this one, but to be honest not that impressed to buy another. Don't get me wrong this specifical sort "Sweet mint" is great. And you get a great amount of product. So i'm not quite sure if and when I'll ran out of it. I've been using it for a month and a half every day now. If you like a good, hydrating lip balm with cooling effect this one's definitely a must + they're glutenfree (not that i care).

| Invisibobble - the traceless hair ring | White | 3 Pcs. | 4,95€ |

As said I had few that were probably inspired by Invisibobble and I bought them on Ebay. They were actually good but crappy at the same time. After one or two uses they lost their shape and didn't return in their original state. As the name suggests Invisibobble hair rings are traceless. Because they don't have a strong grip they should also be able to prevent the headaches one gets from a ponytail or other tight hair styles. I'm really glad I got them in white. They look great on every hair colour. The one thing I noticed is that the hair ring always falls back in original shape. Other than that, those hair rings left me pretty indifferent. Oh, and I don't know if it's just me and if I'm doing something wrong but taking these hair rings off isn't the easiest thing to do. One must be very careful. But I must say I never noticed any hair on the hair ring when I pulled it off.

| Guerlain |La petite Robe noire | Ma Robe Petales  | 5 ml | 30 ml - 56,95€ |

I love, love, love Guerlain's La petite Robe Noire. No actually I adore it! This version is housed in a light green flacon (green colour is strangely not detectable on my photo!) and looks just perfect for upcoming months. The perfume contains a blend of citrus top notes, including mandarin orange, bergamot, lemon and a bit of orange blossom. The group of base notes contains white musk, patchouli, and tonka bean. Other than that there's also freesia, rose, jasmine and almond blossom in the mix.  It wears 5-6 hours on me. If you like the original version of this perfume you'll probably love this mixture of fresh and powdery that offers Ma Robe Petales even more. It's a perfect scent for spring/-summer months. 

Oh and here's my collection of Guerlains La petite Robe noire's:

| Pomellato | 67 Artemisia | Bodylotion | 30 ml | 200 ml - 29,95€ |

A fresh, but glamorous mediterranean scent. This perfumed bodylotion hydrates the skin well. The scent lasts on skin forever (really, i'm not kidding!). As far as my preferences go it's a bit too intrusive.

| Laura Mercier | Kohl Eye Pencil | Stormy Grey | 0,85 g | 1,1 g - 23,95€ |

As you can notice this is an almost fullsized product. I usually don't use kohl pencils. I prefer liquid eyeliners. At first I thought this eye pencil was black but it turns out to be a sort of  black-greyish as the name suggests. The lasting power is amazing, I must say. Texturewise this is a soft kohl eye pencil (but definitely not too soft). I'm just getting to know Laura Mercier products and so far I've loved every product that I bought. Especially Laura Mercier's Lip Glace, although I hate any sorts of lipglosses. Well hate is a strong word but I really, really, really don't like them. But this Laura Mercier's one has great coverage and isn't sticky so I gave it a go! 
Back to khol eye pencil: the price for this one is quite high. I'm sure most of drugstore kohl pencils do the same work for less money. But this is not really my expert field, since I don't use kohl eye pencils.

| Commodynes | Self tanning body glove | 1 Pck. | 3 Pcs. - 12,95€ |

I've never used any sort of self tannig products. Haven't tried this one either. I'm so afraid of it or too lazy - not sure which one though. I've read tons of reviews, mainly they say Commodynes products are great and easy to use. But then I read how much work one must put into preparing your body for self tanning products (full body peeling, moisturizing your body well, etc.). Well... I'll definitely try it, but not sure when. My mom tried these wipes a few years ago. She applied it to her legs and was really impressed. The colour was very nice, not orange toned. But these are all second hand information. If and when I gather the courage and test it, I'll definitely let you know how the results turned out.

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  1. Jaz pa vedno iščem link na tvojem Instagramu ker sem bila prepričana da imaš nekje napisano blogger (linka pa nikjer) :D Končno! Guerlain ima drugače zelo lepe vonje, Aqua Allegoria linija mi najbolj leži za poletne dni. Bom morala povonjati še to linijo.

    1. Keeping it low profile :D Sem si rekla, da se bom okronala z nazivom, ko se stvari zares lotim kot se zagre. Malo se še obotavljam, ker je beseda blogger res postala "orng" označevalec.
      As cheesy as it may sound: tvoj blog je res eden boljših, na katere sem kadarkoli naletela!

      Drugače pa sem do zdaj Guerlaina sprobala samo La petite Robe Noire linijo in je čisto po mojem okusu. Moram sprobati še kaj iz Aqua Allegoria linije :)

  2. Odgovori
    1. Jaaa, meni je super :) odlično za testiranje novih produktov. Največja vrednost kar je je imel glavni produkt v takšni škatlici je bila Shiesido krema, ki drugače v prosti prodaji pride cca. 100€ :D

  3. Uh debest..neki zame:) moram malo prečekirat.

  4. Te beauty boxes so mi vedno bolj zanimive. Guerlain ima enega mojih najljubih parfumov L'Instant Magic. Sem si obljubila, da si ga enkrat kupim :) Tudi ta La Petite Robe Noire mi dobro diši :).

    1. Jaz jih obožujem. No, ubistvo samo to Douglasovo, ker ima vedno super produkte. Pa rada bi sprobala Müller Lookbox. Ampak dvomim, da jo bom kda dobila, ker jih je vsakič mislim, da samo nekaj tisoč na razpolago za Avstrijo in Nemčijo in stvar poteka preko žreba. :(
      La petite robe noire je pa eden izmed mojih najljubših parfumov. Nasploh mi je Guerlain kot znamka zelo všeč. Škoda, ker ni bolj cenovno dostopen :D